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Winkhaus has earned the confidence of customers for over 160 years with the diversified services and the high quality of the intelligent window technology, door locking systems and access management of Winkhaus. It is a professional German manufacturing company that provides of brilliant ideas for windows and doors, always distinguished with excellent proficient performance that all partners and clients can benefit from.


WinkHaus offers true quality and distinction in its windows, uPVC windows and doors technology, being one of the first of its kind all around the globe. Its ActivPilot product segment offers all-inclusive solutions, definitely consistent with Winkhaus renowned quality assurance. Given its future-oriented advanced designs, ActivPilot provides a new fitting concept and a strategy, depending on much fewer fitting parts, special replacement solutions, suitability for all levels of automation, and a brand new locking system for extra security.


At Creative Windows, we always search for new ways to please our clients. As a partner, WinkHaus offered us exactly what we have been looking for, in order to develop our business. WinkHaus not only provides us with superb added value  and quality, absolute innovation, fantastic suitable designs, sophisticated architecture, but also present all those extra functionalities such as quick response, easy retrofitting, convenient operations and installations, wonderful multipurpose components, in addition to the new generation of concealed Tilt & Turn fittings.For all these ideal advantages and much more, we are satisfied with our partnership with WinkHaus.


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