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Being high-quality window & door fabricators and long standing partners of the renowned German-based companies VEKA, Winkhaus & Elumatec. You’ll only receive the highest rated uPVC windows/doors in the Saudi Arabian market: stylish, custom-made, secure, sustainable & technologically enhanced.
Creative Windows provides windows that are not just made to look pretty, but also designed to suit the Saudi Arabian climate in terms of durability & innovation. All quality-related concerns can be therefore eliminated.

Specifications and Advantages of Our Products in Residential Houses

Smooth Spotless Installation

You’ll get the real deal straight from Germany to your doors…and windows! Our professionals will make sure the installation is made in no time, leaving no traces and dirt behind. Just sit back, relax and let us do our job while you enjoy your fresh and clean house.

Supreme Quality

Being the long standing partners of VEKA, we receive our supply directly from Germany, without any intermediaries involved. Besides the exquisite design of our products, we also guarantee you supreme quality in addition to energy efficiency to help you reduce energy costs.

Closes Firmly for Children Safety

You won’t get useless promises that will never be fulfilled. When we say safety… we mean it! No more vulnerable doors and windows, welcome instead our additional safety measures such as child restrictors, safe locking handles and high security locking mechanisms.

Elegant Styles For Your Home

We constantly seek to update our processes and operations to stay ahead in our industry. Our designs can be easily tailored to fit your own individual needs. You will not only benefit from the sustainability of our doors and windows, but you will also enjoy aesthetically pleasing styles and designs.

Sustainability and High Value For Money

Our strategy is simple and clear: keep every customer 100% satisfied with our high value-for-money. Our PVC windows and doors have long service life. You can benefit from their high quality, their distortion resistance and great functionality for years and years to come. Our doors and windows are an excellent investment!

Easy to Clean

Our high quality PVC doors windows are extremely easy to care and require minimal maintenance, due to their easy-care properties of the smooth profile surfaces. Our products resistance to weather conditions and light-fastmakes the cleaning procedure very simple and quick.

Best Guaranteed Quality

Creative Windows is pleased to be the best high-quality window & door fabricators.  We are proud of ourpartnership with the renowned German companies VEKA, Winkhaus&Elumatec. These partnerships, along with our hardworking professionals, provide youwith the highest rated uPVC windows/doors in the Saudi Arabian market. Our products are stylish, custom-made, secure, sustainable & technologically enhanced.


Creative Windows not only offers yougood looking windows, but we also make sure they are designed to best suit the Saudi Arabian climate in terms of durability & innovation. Peace of mind is what we grant you; therefore you can definitely eliminate all quality-related concerns.

What Makes our clients happy

.  We are proud of our strong production capability, professional manpower andresources availability. Yet we are always in search for new ways to expand our abilities.

.  Superior energy efficiency performance and environmental friendly materials are our main concerns when serving our clients, always respecting the SaudiArabian codes of construction.

.  We are dedicated to providing you the best German quality through our strong partnerships built with Germany's biggest and most professional companies.

.  Versatility in style, product types, colors and coating. Our products are customized to satisfy your needs and requirements.

.  Our Premium quality uPVCis especially made to fit the Saudi Arabian market with a long-term product guarantee.

.  Respect for time is our ultimate consideration, we promise on-time delivery.

.  Highly skilled team of workers

.  We work closely with our clients with utmost honesty and transparency, as we look to build long term relationships of mutual trust.


Environmentally friendly Products only

Creative Windows makes sure that all of the products and materials used are environmentally-friendly and sustainable, respecting all codes of construction in the Kingdom. Even more, our uPVC profiles are customized to specifically fit our climate, in order to grant you a better way of living.


For us, quality management is the highest management priority, so we give special attention to the materials used, settling for nothing but the best for our customers.