The Founder’s message

The Founder’s message

“It has never been just a business idea to me. On the contrary, Creative Windows has always 
been a cherished dream of mine, a longtime dream that I’ve shared with my family over the years…
I knew that dreams come true only with hard work. So, we searched, we dug deep, we studied, we travelled, we explored and we finally found the excellence we were looking to build upon. Today, our mission rise from a dream that became a reality in Saudi Arabia; my hometown, with a vision of delivering superior German quality at affordable prices to my fellow Saudi Arabians.”
Hassan Al-Shehri

Who we are

We are high-quality window & door fabricators and long standing partners of the renowned German-based companies VEKA, Winkhaus and Elumatec. We are exclusive provider of the original quality straight from Germany, Best Quality Guarantee. You’ll only find the highest rated most affordable windows/doors in the market: stylish, custom-made, secure, and sustainable. Creative Windows transforms your whole space and adds a magical touch to your indoors and outdoors by providing windows/doors that are not just made to look pretty, but also designed to suit the Saudi Arabian climate in terms of durability & innovation.


To use our strong German affiliations in fabricating the best quality uPVC windows & doors at very competitive prices while smartly matching our clients’ lifestyles 
and incorporating utmost safety, material sustainability, and consistent technological enhancements as a way to increase value and maximize client 


To spread the use of uPVC in window/door fabrication as a strong alternative, customized to fit the needs of our Saudi Arabian clients and to become the 
first window frame fabricators of choice across the KSA and the entire region by maintaining our high quality, constantly seeking technological and innovative 
enhancements in production, taking window customization to a whole new level.

Our Brand

Creative Windows strives to become the dream it has always envisioned: a brand that every Saudi Arabian deserves to have & be proud of. 
From the land of KSA to the people of KSA, our brand aims to deliver -with passion & creativity- three solid foundations:
Unparalleled European quality, the best of the best
High customization to fit the specific needs of the Saudi Arabian market
Competitive prices resulting from direct & sustainable partnership with our German suppliers

Philosophy - We work with values and ensure strong relationships with our Clients


Creative Windows was founded on solid beliefs and grounded values; so whatever business relationship we engage in, we would work as a stakeholder in behalf in your business.


  • We aim to understand what you exactly want and then use our insights to provide the product that best fits your individual needs. Tailoring solutions is something we work to impressively attain.
  • We work with honesty and transparency as we look to build long term relationships of mutual trust with you.
  • We constantly seek to develop, test and perfect our products in order to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements in our industry.

Company Strength

We have no shortcuts in quality!

You’ll get the real deal straight from 
Germany to your door…and windows.


Being the long standing partners of VEKA, 
we receive our supply directly from Germany, 
without any intermediaries involved. 

Proven Success

You won’t get useless promises that will never 
be fulfilled. You will only receive true value, 
tailored to fit your needs

Fresh Approach

We constantly seek to update our processes, operations 
and raw material to stay ahead in our industry

Excellent Service

Our strategy is simple and clear: to keep every customer 
100% satisfied with high value-for-money

Superb energy efficiency performance

Our products don’t only look great but they are also
energy efficient to help you reduce energy costs. 

Our team - A mix of passion, skills, and international qualifications

Creative Windows is a reflection of a small team that works hard to deliver big dreams. Our technical partner, VEKA, does not only manufacture uPVC profiles that we magically transform into amazing windows/doors, but is also responsible to train and qualify every member of our team on the latest skills and techniques needed to excel in the window and door industry while simultaneously providing continuous motivation needed to better develop.


From this step forward, periodical training becomes essential to keep our employees up-to-date and informed about the changing technology in the industry so we can stay ahead in providing you with a superior quality at attractive prices.


Adding to that, our customer service representatives are available around the clock to assist you through the whole process of turning your windows & doors into something magical yet useful!